Tuesday, February 7, 2012


With my granddaughter’s prelim to her “Panda Report” nearly finished, we went out to the church gymnasium Monday evening to watch our oldest grandson participate in the men’s basketball league. Lacking self-confidence in his younger years, he was never the star athlete; but we have since seen him overcome such feelings, indeed, it warming my heart as he scored a “career” high thus far: eight points, including a floater that dropped through the hoop in a move as good as any other accomplished on the floor. Remembering my own battle in that arena, trying to find some faith in myself when it seemed as if I who and what I was just didn’t fit into the image demanded of me by others, it is rewarding to find him the man he has become. His parents have raised him well. His convictions are strong. Whether he understands the Gospel in the depths of possessing a structured theology, I know not; but of this I am assured: he has grasped enough along the way to be grounded in his thinking, to be anchored in his connection with the resurrection, and to be secure in that promise of “Christ in me”, a well to which he can return again and again. The details will work themselves out as he goes. In a world where I see so much disrespect for authority, loss of hope, and a sense of living in chaos, that seed sown in me so long ago continues to bring forth fruit…..

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