Sunday, June 24, 2012


Most people who visit the beach probably don’t philosophize about the experience. Some hours in the sun, sand castles and sea shells: why get so (pardon the pun) “into the deep” over a bit of rest and relaxation? For me, though, it matters not the location. There is an inner desire to know, if only in part, the mystery behind it all. I sit here on the balcony listening to the rhythmic sound of ocean waves rolling in to spill upon the shoreline, the melody almost as if the horizon beckons a man to come. The sailor in me wishes to answer. The old man, however, is content with merely hearing the call, feeling the tug on the anchor-line. After all, the answers I seek have nothing to do with adventure, at least not in the sense of navigating that stretch of water before me. Within me is a greater distance, already spanned in so far as being connected to the One who created all things, and yet a need ever existing for me to mentally and spiritually “give up the ghost” if I am to find peace in Him. It is that pull, that draw, more so than that which my ears bring to me in the otherwise stillness of the world presently around me. One just sets the stage for the other. Out of His well, I am refreshed. There, at His oasis, all else is explained......