Tuesday, June 12, 2012


“Turn right at the third star past Origen, push through the Parsekian Nebula, and there, on the other side, is the Black Pearl of the universe, bathed in an aura of ultra-violet radiation, the image in itself breath-taking, alluring, and able to suck in a man’s soul”… Where does my mind go to when slumber shuts down everything else? I woke up this morning with the above words (approximately) running through my head, having no recollection at all as to whether or not some previous dream had taken me to “where no man has gone before”. Not that there is any reason to worry about it. Pensacola is once again being flooded by torrential rain, most of Europe is financially going down the tubes and we are close, they say, to being caught in the backwash, and one just never knows “what evil lurks within the heart of man.”We live on a ball the middle of nowhere, spinning on a wobbly axis at a rate of about 1070 mph while orbiting an explosive mass at a speed amplified nearly sixty times greater than that. Add to that the fact that the whole gravitational galaxy within which we are contained is, at the same time, hurtling through outer space so rapidly that all comprehension is lost concerning any boundaries of our existence, and one is left with no rational explanation as to why we are here at all. Sufficient, it seems to me, to just survive the day. Better, if in the midst of it all, an inner anchorage provides security of there being nothing to fear. Whatever the cause for my nocturnal adventures, no matter the storm, the threat before me, yet there is peace in abundance to be found if one only slows down to visit the well…..


  1. Sorry about the rain in Florida, friend, but always so happy to be reminded of the peace we can have in the midst of our crazy/hectic/amazing lives!

  2. The pastor's son, the boy we "adopted" so long ago, is now nearly twenty-five and is up here this weekend to perform a wedding for a friend. He tells me the drastic flooding they endured recently in Pensacola was due to their drainage system being unable to handle the volume that came. I had been thinking it due to the ocean front or rivers, or small streams. Calamity, I suppose, comes in its own package. His strength helps us through it all.