Thursday, August 16, 2012


First day back at school went well other than my assigned duties are still being determined. We have a total of five children in our unit at present, scattered in three different grade levels, and therefore a bit of a problem in so far as meshing their schedules into a working solution that two assistants and one teacher can cover. Individual lunch, recess, and class times create a sort of jigsaw puzzle that will be solved, I’m sure, before this week is over. As it is at the moment, I found myself shuffled between the kids, sent to homeroom with one of them to begin my day, taking another with me a little later on a task, a few items needing to be picked up, going twice to the cafeteria to sit with, first the Fourth, and then the Fifth Grade while they ate, plus the afternoon spent mostly with but one student, sitting in Social Studies, taking him to gym. Stick in a couple of group sessions accomplished together as a unit within our own appointed space and, basically, I’ve got “one down, only about one hundred and seventy-four to go”. There were some anxious moments when the buses to go home were twenty-five minutes late, a normality encountered every year in the process of learning new routes and dealing with an initial jam created by so many parents getting into the return process; but there was also one event along the way that just left me amused, speechless, and shaking my head about the enigma that is in each of us. One of our boys, it seems, has a gift memorizing a computer grid that provides him with an aerial layout of northern Kentucky. With exact precision and unbelievable speed, he is able to take you down highways, on and off ramps, through intersections and subdivision labyrinths, finally stopping before his house, grandma’s home, you-name-it-he-knows-how-to-get-there. If, within each of us, there exists such potential, be it manifested in mathematics, music, or whatever, it makes me wonder what triggers it to come forth. This, however, I know: whatever the state of our brain, it is the spirit of man that operates out of what it brings unto us and therefore the need for inviting His Spirit into the journey. I might not be able to find my way out of a paper bag; but, with an internal anchor-line serving also as an umbilical tube making me one with Him, I don’t need a GPS. He takes me “through the veil”…..

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