Thursday, August 30, 2012

"The Circle......................"

My cousin passed away suddenly on Monday. She was sixty-four, at the hospital for some kind of kidney treatment, and died while there of a heart attack. Go figure. It’s been more than fifty years since, as kids, we all went gathered together with my dad’s family on special occasions at my grandparent’s house. During the summer the whole clan would often head a few miles south to pitch tents and camp out along a river bank in Cynthiana. Otherwise, I’ve probably talked with her no more than twice in the interim. Good people. I love them all. Down the road, though, we just went separate ways and we no longer have much in common other than our roots. Beth and I drove over to the “lay-out” last night, held in a small American Legion Post, no casket, no ashes that I could determine, just a table with flowers, photos, and memorabilia. Small buckets of beer settled in some ice were brought to each table (plenty of coke and coffee for the few of us whose taste run differently) and along one wall to the side was more than enough food for all there. We stayed for an hour, asked if there would be any sort of service other than enjoying the mingling, then excused ourselves and left. In truth, there is just about no one on my father’s side with any sort of church connection, faith in a Creator no more than each individual’s personal conviction about the matter. I mention that, however, with no intent to suggest that makes them somehow beneath me. In my theology, they simply have had little opportunity to experience Christ, to see Him “with eyes opened”, in another way other than what the Media and, if we want to be honest, what believers, themselves, have brought to them. In that sense, even this old man might one day be held accountable. It is all yet a mystery to me, final judgment resting in His hands, everything here resting in the wisdom of the Holy Ghost. They and I, both, must have “ears to hear”, hearts open to His tug on the anchor-line…..


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    1. Thanks, Annie. Two who were there last night I had not seen since 1960 when I left for the Navy...