Sunday, August 19, 2012


Saturday morning I went to the park early, the sun just rising over the hills to the east and bringing a bit of warmth to the old man as he circled the soccer field, head down and lost in thought. Thus it was then that, twice during my usual seven orbits, the shadow of a jogger coming from the opposite direction would catch me unawares, sweeping suddenly into my presence and causing me to audibly blurt out "wooooOOHHH!" One would think this old man would learn to look where he was going or even learn to listen for the sound of approaching footsteps pounding the pavement. As it was, both incidents merely reflected, somewhat, that which occupied my mind at the time. Lee Strobel's paperback, “The Case For a Creator”, keeps reinforcing to me how, not just the universe, but our galaxy and our planet, as well, have all increasingly convinced scientists over the last few decades of such precision in the underlying mechanics of their existence that, for a man to dismiss the probability of divine design, he is simply going through life with his brain not paying attention to much of what’s right in front of him. I say that with no malice toward the atheist, since, in my opinion, there are just as many people out there, sitting in a pew and blind to anything other than a theological image that they, themselves, have manufactured out of chapter and verse, deaf to the voice of God crying unto them out of an inner well that He remains bigger than their little box . The condition, in either scenario, is something known as "humanity" and is common to us all. What often cures it, at least momentarily, is an unexpected “bolt out of the blue”……

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