Sunday, August 12, 2012


At the risk of stirring up discontent amongst the few who yet pass through these waters, my mind is somewhat on political matters at the moment, yesterday’s announcement of Paul Ryan having been selected for that empty spot on the Republican ticket exciting my wife as well as others. He’s a good choice, as far as I’m concerned, but one which probably also pleased the opponents greatly, since they’ve already convinced their own constituents long ago that this is the man who wants to wheelchair granny over a cliff. Not that it matters, in my opinion. This nation has been split right down the middle for at least more than a decade, the battle more about socialism versus capitalism than it is anything else and the middle class footing the bill even as it is ever-increasingly being eliminated from the whole scenario. What’s more: I’m not so sure that the “far right” isn’t just as much “looney tunes” as the “far left”. While I am in agreement with those issues they represent, it doesn’t seem to me that marching in with one’s sword and demanding all others see things from your perspective isn’t what Jesus originally endorsed. It’s also a mystery to me why some within the Church would object to a Mormon occupying the office, especially when the last four years we’ve had what pretty much resembles a Muslim to me. That said, however, let me simply finish this by repeating something my pastor said this evening, it really being the nucleus of what this old man believes about the matter: It’s neither party, Republican nor Democrat, that holds the future of this nation in its hand, but an almighty God who ears are open to those hearts willing to surrender the whole affair unto Him. In this I find peace……

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