Thursday, November 22, 2012


Thanksgiving morning here and I find myself most thankful for an inner connection with Him, a knot inside that keeps me as I go, an anchor-line that adjusts me in my walk, a well where “deep calls unto deep” and meets me in my need. Christ “in” me has never been some transformation wherein my humanity disappeared and suddenly all things were new in any way other than that connection lost in the Garden being restored. After my confession yesterday about being glad to finish this commitment to reading the Bible from cover to cover, the rush somehow limiting me in any real study of its text, Hebrews just kind of “jumped off the page” at me today, Beth still in bed and me up at an early hour, the house quiet, the electric heater beside my recliner taking the chill off the room. It’s nothing more than what I’ve long believed. Nonetheless, in reading again how, while the law could not make anyone “perfect”, the “bringing in of a better hope” did, the whole promise, as I see it, anyway, was once again made clear to me. The “word of the oath”, the new covenant wherein God declares He will put His statutes into our mind and write them in our heart was never meant to be fulfilled merely by our consumption of chapter and verse, but by the Holy Ghost who is given unto us as a witness of it being so. It is He who confirms grace. It is He who works within us, a teacher, a healer, a compassionate shepherd who shapes us as we go, the third PERSON of the Trinity; and to find Him anything less, in my opinion, is to entirely miss what salvation is all about…..

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