Thursday, November 29, 2012


Driving to school yesterday morning, I found myself entertaining those kinds of thoughts that seem to come to us all at one time or another. It was but the second day back after a five day break celebrating Thanksgiving and yet my brain was already mentally calculating how long it was before we’re off for Christmas. There was no real reason for my query. I had just finished a book by Kathleen Norris over the weekend, one entitled “Acedia and Me”. It might well have been the consumption of her words that provoked my thinking, “acedia”, according to her, the equivalent of ennui, boredom, a quagmire leading to depression. She believes it simply part of the human equation. We are creatures easily possessed by a sense of having “fallen into a rut”, especially when a schedule owns us or, for that matter, when we find ourselves, as well, sitting idle with nothing to do for any length of time. Go figure. What’s important, however, isn’t so much the condition, but the consideration given unto it. When melody morphs into monotony and life loses all sense of our going somewhere, all one really needs is “focus”. A job is just a job. What makes mine fun is the kids. Wednesday evening Bible classes are a weekly banquet, not just a matter of sharing Biblical perspectives with others, but fellowship wherein “Christ in me” becomes “Christ in us”. Ministry at both the mission and the Center is more about giving than receiving, but I do admit to such outreach ministering to me as well. Grandkids and family are the “icing on the cake”. God has been good to me. THIS day, THIS moment, THIS present set of circumstances, alive in Him, keep me as I go. Whooops….time to warm up the car and do it all again.


  1. I love this, Jim! It's a good reminder to me to appreciate life.

    I read Acedia and Me a while back. I'll have to look at it again. Have you read her "Amazing Grace"?

  2. It's sitting on my shelf and the reason I purchased this one when I found it on sale in Krogers; but it has been a while since my perusal of it. Might just pick it up and scan it again; but, at the moment, I am reading another by the fellow who wrote "The Shack"....

  3. Loved "Amazing Grace" as well as "The Cloister Walk".