Friday, November 23, 2012


It’s eight-thirty in the morning, the day after. There’s a light rain falling outside, with the temperature expected to drop back into winter by tomorrow. Beth and the granddaughter are sleeping late, McKenna coming to stay overnight with us when we returned home from the family gathering. I’ve been up for a little over an hour, finishing my commitment to once again read the Book cover to cover. Seventy-nine days a good pace, Revelation leaving my mind in a spin. No doubt there are those out there making a profit with eschatology, solving the mystery as it happens. Old-time holiness preachers didn’t have the celebrity status that the media affords today. There were those few, though, with charts large enough to stretch across the sanctuary, the subject illustrated with pictures and punctuated with chapter and verse. What’s more: it’s not surprising to me that forty years later so much of their message is coming to pass. I find, at the same time, however, that my own attempts to understand and explain all the personalities and events brought forth by John in this final piece of the Bible yet leave me baffled for the most part. It is not and never has been “knowledge of all things” that has secured my faith. In fact, what Scripture teaches me is that which my experience along the way has confirmed: the journey is and always will be “through the veil”. Truth is in front of me, but “in” me as well, an anchor-line providing me with balance, the next step mine to take. The Holy Ghost is my teacher, His anointing not mine to command and more than this old man deserves. I trust in my “belly”, not my head…..


  1. Agree and how. In fact, I'm always suspicious of anyone saying they know anything conclusively. Or anyone who claims any "how to" methods. Sure, sure.

    1. It's amazing to me how much life around me at the moment matches what those old preachers used to describe; but I'm not ready to go out on some hillside yet, waiting for the eastern sky to split. There's a "buzz in my belly", but some wisdom, I hope, in my head.....

  2. It certainly does look that way. But I can't help but wonder, especially after watching a couple of WWII movies and docs, if our parents generation didn't feel the same way. But we just won't know until....

    I guess if I've learned anything, it's that there's no predicting or calculating possible. The other thing I'm beginning to learn is that I have to do more listening and less talking. Kinda like we tell the kids at school about how to proceed during a fire drill; walk, don't run and listen for instructions. Essentially, pay attention.

  3. I love the comparison to the fire drill, Mich....