Wednesday, November 21, 2012

"Still Waters.........................."

Besides working with the kids, one of the reasons that I love working in public education is the fact of the breaks it affords me along the way. We only went to school Monday and Tuesday this week, turning Thanksgiving into a five day mini-vacation. For me, anyhow. Beth is already up to her ears in preparing for tomorrow’s feast. Our normally scheduled Wednesday evening visit to the rescue mission, though, has been canceled because they will be celebrating the holiday a little early tonight, any disappointment on my part transferred into gratitude for not having to miss this next Bible study class. I’m way ahead of the date set for us to finish the entire Book, already into Hebrews and only five more assigned units to conquer. Truthfully, it will feel good to have it all done, not so much in the sense of accomplishing anything, but in being able to return to my usual practice of “probing it with the Holy Ghost”. Running a foot race from cover to cover leaves no time to have a conversation about its contents, the Spirit taking that which catches your intellect and pulling it down to where “deep calleth unto deep”. I don’t regret these past couple of months of consuming the Word in its entirety, it being a long time since some of it has even been on my plate; but my inner man is in need now of a “breather”. The Detention Center is scheduled for a week from this Sunday. I’m ready to just relax and allow Him to lead me where He may……

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