Friday, November 30, 2012


Knowing that our scheduled journey through the Bible yet had most of those there yet in the Old Testament, I had intended to wait for others to initiate discussion; but, when the teacher opened the class with an announcement that the lesson would be focused on “hope”, plans changed. The Book was lying on the table right in front of me, its pages turned to Hebrews, and a verse in Chapter six seemingly pulsated, begging me to offer it for a springboard. After declaring God to have confirmed His oath by “two immutable things”, the author speaks of such term as chosen us for discussion as an “anchor of the soul, both sure and steadfast; and which entereth into that within the veil”. If one thinks about it, hope holds no assurance of the future fulfilling its wish, even though the Word does speak of faith being “the essence” of its existence; yet, through a “born-again” experience, we have become, in a sense, “impregnated” or reconnected to the Creator via the Holy Ghost, the “hope of Glory”. As believers, we possess no guarantees whereby, out of our own thinking, we might dictate the mind of God; but we do have an invitation to become one with He who now abides within us, an option to step beyond our own understanding and rest in the knowledge of all our worries being put into His hands. Therein are we secured. Therein are we led. Therein can we know peace in a world where, all around us, chaos abounds. Christianity was crucified and laid in a tomb; but resurrection brought forth life. The details of “truth” may well need to be sorted out in our heads. The reality of “Truth”, however, lives in us a bit farther down, in the depths of our own identity. There I must go, again and again, with the mystery of all that I am……


  1. When I was a pre-schooler looking at the calendar, I remember asking my mom about the concept of time and where it all began. Poor Ma, who was definitely over-worked was ironing at the time. She patiently answered my questions. When we finally peeled back the concept far enough, I asked: "But who made God?" Her answer to me was: "It's like trying to put the ocean in a bottle." To her credit, she left it at that and her answer still resonates in me to this day.

    Sometimes, that phrase causes me to "be still and know..."

    1. The weather this week has had me in a fog, Mich, and I must have missed this comment somehow. It could be, though, that it is just part of what has had my mind pursuing "faith", the reason for the words just posted. "Be still and know" is a good definition for that word, I think....