Tuesday, November 20, 2012


The Isaacs, a bluegrass gospel group from our area and rather well known in such genre, was given most of our evening service Sunday evening. Other than the drummer, it’s a family affair, visiting us since the three were young children. Somewhere along the way the father left. Mom and the kids continued. The music lost that Bill Monroe “twang” and, for awhile, in the teenage years, got loud enough to reach the church down the road; but on this occasion, at least, what filled our sanctuary was a beautiful, more contemporary sound of banjo, mandolin, and bass that in no way offended the ears of this old man. There was a mixture of hymns along with some songs that they have written. The one I’m sharing here brought an anointing over all there, prompting a request for an encore. While the Bible message, in many ways, has been denominationally divided, believers separating themselves over chapter and verse concerning one viewpoint over another, in our humanity we are one; and when you “hit” us where we live, it doesn’t matter what name is over the door. Our altar, after but a few words from the pastor in closing, filled quickly. The Holy Ghost has a way of doing that……


  1. Sounds like a very good service. I have the hardest time forgiving myself...

  2. Hope you checked out the link, Annie. It's a great song...

  3. I did, thanks! It is a very good song.