Thursday, August 7, 2014


What I love so much about our Wednesday evening class is the potential it brings for us to minster to each other. It is the Body, one-on-one, so to speak, sharing perspectives as we learn, not just a formatted lesson prepared by our teacher, but the truth of Christ “in” us being a reality in our midst. Indeed, such was the theme on this occasion, Steve taking us to 2nd Timothy where Paul is writing to his young disciple, exhorting him to stir up the “gift” within him, something reportedly received by the “laying on” of the apostle’s own hands. Such transferal would actually become the “meat” of what we were exploring, the fact that we, ourselves, are no more than vessels for the Holy Ghost, our being used by Him not a matter of longevity or assigned position within the church. The Greek root of such term that our King James translates as “gift” is actually what we now would refer to as “charisma” and tend to define in the sense of (a) a compelling attractiveness or charm that can inspire devotion in others; or (b) divinely conferred power or talent. In its native tongue, however, it meant “favor freely given” or “grace”. Therefore, it would appear, what is being encouraged in this epistle is not pointing to some singular talent or ability spiritually passed from the teacher to his student, much like Elisha being given Elijah’s mantle, but to the Holy Ghost, Himself, in the sense of there being need of the believer to “kindle the fire” within him, to realize that ministry is personal accomplishment nor limited in its outreach. “Calling” doesn’t just apply to the guy in the pulpit, the singer in the choir, and the missionary in West Africa. If His resurrection gives us hope only of conquering the grave, what do we really possess other than another religion? Christ “in” me ought to equate to an overflow that extends itself unto others as He opens the door; and the only requirement unto us is a matter of keeping the wonder alive in our heart, fanning the flame on a regular basis……

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