Tuesday, August 12, 2014


Public school opened its doors yesterday for “re-indoctrination”, a yearly procedure wherein all staff are introduced, given extra-curricular activities, and handed various forms to sign as required by the state. Tomorrow the kids make it all official. Our church educational facility is also hard at work getting its rooms ready for our own enrollment (around 200), their arrival scheduled for next Monday. I stopped by in the middle of all the house-cleaning to ask the principle as to any possible instruction for me in my role as a substitute and then, having received a negative reply, inquired about any rules concerning witnessing should the Spirit open a door. Permission granted. Kentucky money isn’t involved in our operation. Knowing my Old-Time Holiness roots, she figured it was safe (I guess), our relationship in this faith extending more than four decades and her probably not aware that, along the way, my theology has expanded to add “Apologetic Existentialist” as further identification of my beliefs. “Making waves”, though, stirring up discord, has never been where I operate. Any ministry entered is His, not mine. Six pages of a prediction (not prophecy), made by a since deceased friend in 2009 and revisited by me yesterday, amazed me in its accuracy thus far concerning a “Coming Evangelical Collapse”. In pointing to culture wars, political conservatism, and a demand for orthodoxy rather than a healthy understanding of “Christ in me” passed onto our heritage, he outlined our current state of affairs pretty much exactly as they are. “All they that take the sword shall die by the sword” is a lesson we’ve failed to learn down through the centuries, our victory, from the beginning, in His hands. America was not founded on Christian principles; it was birthed by men who hearts had not yet been completely corrupted of what had been taught them in Sunday school. As our heritage progressed to become no more than “whited sepulchers” filling our governmental seats of authority, we settled for threatening those powers that be with our vote without examining ourselves as to just how well our children were inheriting any knowledge of what “resurrection anointing” really means. God save us, as a country. God open our eyes to that which right in front of us……

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