Wednesday, August 27, 2014


This is the second week of an attempt to lose fifteen or twenty pound. No running record of how many calories taken in each day. Just eliminating all snacks, eating smaller portions, and twice a day working up a good sweat for thirty minutes on my treadmill. The computer is nearby and it’s been my habit to utilize You Tube for either some Gospel music or somebody preaching to occupy my thoughts during that time. Today I listened to a fellow, passionate and anointed (I believe) in his delivery on Ezekiel prophesying to those dead bones, yet also (again, in my opinion) “missing the mark” in so far as “nailing down the truth”. Can that happen? It depends on how deep one is immersed in the river at the time. It depends, in fact, upon how one defines the very verse shared in that discourse, Paul in Ephesians declaring God’s ability to do “exceeding abundantly above all that we ask or think, according to the power that worketh in you”. If the highlighted word refers to nothing more than the believer, himself, swinging a Scriptural sword, “faith” achieved via some mental grunt worked up in the effort, then maybe the guy behind the pulpit is correct in directing his flock to “name it and claim it”. If, however, the term is understood to be the Holy Ghost, alive in the individual, all authority His to claim, it now suggests my efforts in “moving any mountain” must be focused on stepping into His flow, not taking on the problem in my own strength. In a way, it’s like me and that treadmill. Losing weight could be attempted standing there beside it as it runs, working myself into simply rebuking my girth down to an acceptable size, or step up into the kinetics that can make it happen. I lean toward the latter……

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