Tuesday, August 16, 2011


While walking through the south end of the park the other day, in passing the ball fields I couldn’t help but notice the apparel one team was wearing, black t-shirts with the anagram “SWAT” in white letters across the front and the words “Spiritual Women” defining those letters on the back. At the “speed” I was going, the remainder was just mentally grasped as either “Assault” or “Attack Team” and it seemed a bit humorous, maybe even “strange” to associate the two labels together; but, then, this is not my grandmother’s generation. With my camera in my pocket, a decision was made to simply swap the soccer field on the north end for another lap here, hoping to get a picture on the next time around. As it was, the “A” translated to nothing more than “Alpha” and, for fear of my being thought interested in what did NOT bring me back for another look-see, I just kept moving, opting for the image posted above. It “worked for me”… In truth, though, my erroneous first deciphering of the message has stayed with me, knowing that there are those within the faith who would, indeed, find there to be some sort of “honor” in possessing that classification. It’s not that I don’t believe in “doing battle with the enemy”, just that it’s been my experience that victory is a matter of me surrendering “self” unto Him, holding on while He conquers in whatsoever manner He chooses, and then acknowledging that all “glory” is His. Too many these days, it seems, are too quick to think themselves the one with the sword……

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