Thursday, August 11, 2011


A six-hour CPR class yesterday brings me to within three hours of fulfilling that which is required of me each year toward an “educational growth” in relationship to my job. To be truthful, we skipped lunch and finished early, but nobody had any problems with that. The instructor was a lady with a history in nursing, EMT experience, and one felt as if hearing her was somewhat of an honor. First hand knowledge of conditions encountered, of things as they are, lessons learned along the way, were all shared in a mixture of her being both a mother AND a professional in the medical field. No boasting. Just “down to earth” stories of life as it came to her. Making me wonder if, in juggling the two labels, there isn’t need of that “anchor-line” of which I so often speak, that inner tug keeping us on track in that stagger down the path we all attempt…. Last night I sat in a small group embarking on a new mid-week Bible study entitled “Fan or Follower”, structured around a series of video clips wherein one man’s survival after a serious heart-attack brings about drastic changes in his profession of Christianity. A fairly wealthy individual, he sells his fancy house and reduces his family’s lifestyle so much that they question his rationality; and, in truth, it’s my opinion that ministry needs to be more clear in what we preach. It’s not a matter of our giving “all” in our commitment to the Gospel, but of our being “willing” to do so should He require it of us. This remains, step by step, a personal relationship, not an act of works as determined by whosoever’s interpretation of the Word……

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