Wednesday, August 3, 2011


My granddaughter is staying with us for a few days, enjoying Mamaw and Papaw’s company before school reduces it to an occasional weekend. Beth was occupied this morning, however, chauffeuring a handicapped sister-in-law to a doctor’s appointment and leaving the two of us, McKenna and me, to enjoy a trip to the cinema. Choices were few. We had agreed on Winnie the Pooh, then her little friend at VBS last night who wanted to go with us talked her into the other one about the Smurfs. Suddenly not only was it not a “date”, we had company along for the journey and, instead of Tigger, Piglet, and Roo, we were watching some story about little blue creatures living in a male-dominated society that shows some nearby evil wizard he isn’t the only one with an ability to cast spells. This old man, though, has always been known to be acquiescent to his woman’s heart. It wasn’t “Braveheart”, not even anything close to cowboys or science-fiction. Then, again… Plopping down with the girls into some seats three tiers back in the upper level, armed with a tub of popcorn and enough soda for us to wash it down, I was hooked from the very beginning. Chased by the bad guy and his goofy cat, the heroes in this tale are sucked through a dimensional time-tunnel of sorts only to find themselves stranded in downtown New York, but still pursued by their enemy. The experience shared with a young, married couple living there as they work out the details for their return home had me amused and well-entertained for over an hour. If some believers find it dangerous, sacrilegious even, to “take a walk on the dark side”, eschewing Harry Potter and the likes, I’m of the opinion: to each their own. The girls and I emerged unscathed, still “in Christ”, free of demonic influence and having no inner desire to study the occult. Faith wins again; but I do admit to a temptation to go back and check out what’s going on with the gang at Pooh Corner……

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