Friday, August 12, 2011


A good friend treated me to lunch yesterday, my choice, chili and a Mr. Pibbs at Wendy’s, a great place for some lengthy dialogue without having to worry about the waitress losing tips. Our conversation, of course, concerned Christianity, in general, theological perspectives, the human component such as it is, Holy Ghost ministering through us and to us. How does one cram all that into an hour? One doesn’t. Up out of the well comes whatever is in one’s heart; and, in following Christ, I’ve never known that well to run dry, no place where He was ever able to be confined in a box, no spot where any definition of walking with Him could be set in concrete. Words cannot contain Him, our perspective understanding unable to grasp Him in His entirety, our vocabulary inadequate to fully express our experience in Him; and thus the need for study, for discussion, for sitting down and breaking bread with those of like passion. Not to argue. Not to “wage war” in an attempt to prove our personal point of view correct beyond all others. Fellowship is more than social gatherings, though. Salvation is more than membership, more than a profession of faith. Like those two who walked with Him on the road to Emmaus, ought not something “burn within us” concerning our own encounter? If, indeed, He has “lit our candle”, shouldn’t that flame be frequently calling us to sit down with Him and eat?......

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