Wednesday, August 31, 2011


“Jeopardy” and “Millionaire” are two of my favorite television programs, possessing a knowledge of trivia not my greatest asset, but collecting bits and pieces of it, here and there, certainly a long time passion of mine. It stirs the mind and provides food for the journey. The other night, for example, I learned that only the first four of our solar system’s planets are “terrestrial”, the others merely spherical concentrations of gas. How such fact has escaped me all these years, I know not; but, beyond that, the revelation of it has me wondering why Pluto’s state of flatulence got it expelled from the line-up. So it goes with me, though: Questions. Questions. The universe will no doubt always be more than any clear definition we gain as we go. That doesn’t mean a man has to be content in his understanding of it… In our mid-week Bible study tonight, discussion concerned our gaining a “Biblical world view” of everything around us, our making the Book the source of all we believe. While I was in agreement with our being “grounded” in the Word, yet I noted how we, within the Church, shape God in our own image using chapter and verse, how, rather than having our perspectives set in concrete, we need, at the same time, to be “flexible” to the Holy Ghost. Carrying one’s cross means “following” Truth wherever He leads us, not believing we “possess” truth in a box. With each step there is another lesson to be learned, another piece of the puzzle to be gained. What we get in this is a Guide to go with us in the journey……

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