Tuesday, August 23, 2011


Sunday afternoon I watched the final portion of a ten disc DVD series on WWII as fought in the Pacific. It was Hollywood, not some documentary, too full of profanity to suit my tastes, but probably very close to what being in battle was like, enough to make you think you were right there on the island with them. It wasn’t the gore that held me, though. Watching soldiers die in various form and fashion is not my idea of entertainment. The human spirit, however, life as it is, does tend to stir my thoughts; and there was plenty of that within the cold hard facts of this one: men trying to make sense out of what seemingly had no rhyme or reason to it, death no respecter of persons, fear holding one’s breath in check, one’s actions merely an engrained response to lessons learned. One might examine the universe in its infinity and be in awe of its wonder, its beauty; but man’s inhumanity unto man leaves us empty, wounded in the truth of what we are on either side of that condition. Void of any connection with the One who created us in the first place, all things, including our own existence, begin to lose their significance. Day by day drifting without Him will eventually get us there, but the horror of armed conflict is an immediate examination of the soul…..

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