Friday, March 30, 2012


It’s early Friday morning, the last day before Spring Break, and I wish I knew of some deserted island, nothing but a hammock, my Bible, a good book, and a supply of fig newtons. Nope; Beth would never agree to that. Even with it looking like we’re finally coming down to an Obama vs Romney battle, though, it’s for sure that the vicious mud-slinging is only about to increase; and, this being yet a divided nation in many ways, civil war is upon us once again. Not that our views on how to govern ourselves is the singular part of our existence that we so passionately argue. At this very moment, the country is racially embroiled over a young man’s tragic death, not many, on either side it seems, willing to wait and allow the facts to determine the truth. Personally, I’m inclined to believe the problem has little to do with life as it comes to us as it does with “life” as it is in us; and, by that, I don’t necessarily speak of what poses for Christianity in this nation. On a television interview yesterday, another minister suggested that the reason we are in such shape is because religion has not involved itself in the political system. If that is so, then it is marked by the genuineness of such faith as those men whom we’ve elected to office claim to possess, not by the Church lobbying for our population, as a whole, to adhere to our individual beliefs. The Holy Ghost is “packaged” individually, His reins on the person, not the propaganda the person pursues. Free will is allowed; but I’ve found it much easier if I can just stay calm enough for me to discern His input on my output……

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