Friday, April 27, 2012

"Fuzzy Thinking............"

Thursday evening here, twenty minutes until my usual rendezvous with Wheel of Fortune and Jeopardy. I just finished helping the granddaughter with her homework, my brain both somewhat numb after six hours of baby-sitting the Special-Ed unit and extremely fuzzy from a decision to eliminate all coffee intake three days ago. Hopefully, the fog will lift before our visit with the kids at the Detention Center Sunday. Yesterday, our midweek Bible study class was undertaken with a substitute teacher, a friend of mine, a retired high-school teacher and a minister attached to our church staff a few years back. These days he’s “on call”, filling in at various educational facilities, sick days, emergency, whatever the need, and simply serving God in a volunteer status, reaching out to people through the church even though he’s no longer in a salaried position there. His lesson last night, while open for all of us to interrupt at any time, was mostly just a sharing of his own perspective, Romans, chapters ten and eleven, somehow reduced to a message wherein the Final Judgment will be a matter of the sheep being separated from the goats. He may well be right, of course, but I found the subject just another “rabbit we tend to chase down a hole”, one of those tangents that capture our passion in this journey we undertake. To me, whether our focus is on divorce, abortion, homosexuality, or any number of other hot topics, the balance we need in our understanding of the situation in front of us is accomplished through a stumble wherein we attempt to follow the Holy Ghost. There are no absolutes in this other than Jesus Christ. He brings everything else into focus, even for an old man coming down off of caffeine……


  1. No coffee? None? I only started drinking it a few years ago. Here in Southwest Louisiana, a lot of us start drinking it early ("coffee milk" mostly milk in a coffee cup)! I have a cup in the morning on most days and another in the afternoon,

    But it still sounds to me like you are thinking very clear-headed!

  2. I agree. Nothing fuzzy that I see. Only the words of a deacon of Christ with an anchor line tied securely tied around his waist following the Holy Ghost!

  3. Annie: Been drinking probably 12 to 15 cups a day the last fifty years, probably more than that in the beginning. I cut back in my forties and did away with the two heaping teapsoons of sugar that had been going into each serving. So far so good on the "cold turkey". I'm hoping for a better report on an upcoming blood test and, if it's good, may just slip back into an occasional cup later.

    Anonymous: I think of myself more as that pilgrim in Bunyon's Pilrgrim's Progress, but appreciate the kind words.