Monday, April 9, 2012


If our “anniversary celebration get-away” this past week turned into “vacation as usual”, no time on the beach at all, no visiting any sights previously unseen, anticipated reunions with restaurants we loved on previous occasions not quite the same experience, it yet was a trip that we both needed, a sharing of life as it came to us. To me, love was never about “Ferris wheels and fairy tales”, but a bonding that somehow creates itself in the middle of all else happening out there, a part of who we are, surrendered unto another, and maintained as we go. It works, I think, much like a sermon point given me while away, one preached by a young man now married, himself, who, when but about three or four years of age, once told my wife to “Shut up!”. I frowned and then somewhat sternly reminded him that he was speaking to my wife. Wounded by my own words, he turned to Beth with tears in his eyes and requested of her to “Shut up...please!” Two decades later, talking to his own congregation, he addressed the Biblical term “selah” utilized in Psalms, related that it simply means “pause”, and phrased it this way: “Where men put a period, God puts a comma!” His dad spoke with me of two weeks later quoting such thought unto those doctors who declared that another son, seriously injured in a bike accident, would not survive. Miracle after miracle would come in that situation. Truthfully, we never know. We can, however, know Him in whom we put our trust, rest in Him who holds every circumstance encountered. In Christ there is never finality, but continuation. Yea, though we walk through the valley of the shadow of death, yet we possess the promise of His presence, each day, with whatever it brings, tightly held in His hand, guarded by His heart……

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