Tuesday, April 17, 2012


We return to the rescue mission again tomorrow night, my thoughts on a contemporary version of the old hymn “Just As I Am”, the verses therein expressing the truth, as far as I’m concerned, that never do we reach any other status in our relationship with the Creator. My eggs are in the basket for any omelet I’ll be attempting to serve the men; but the loan of a book Sunday evening has given me some seasoning to add to the mixture. Skye Jethani is an author hereto unknown to me, but his 2009 gift of “The Divine Commodity” has me wondering if there is more of his literary efforts out there somewhere. As the title indicates, he sees the Gospel as having been compromised, the Church selling itself rather than living the reality” of Christ. Two chapters into it, about the only place I take issue with his point of view is in his identifying part of the problem being our lack of “imagination”, a term he applies to our no longer being “blown away” by God’s greatness. Wherein he feels like the condition could be cured by sitting in silence some starry night on the beach, contemplating the vastness of the universe while the waves roll in from the curve of the horizon, he yet stops short of giving any credit to a need for the Spirit be involved in the matter; and I remain convinced that, without the Holy Ghost, it is just as easy to walk away from such an experience feeling so insignificant as to question if indeed there be any rhyme or reason to anything. He extends unto us grace ; and, in discovering the truth of the Creator’s love for us in spite of who and what we are, is to know “Christ in me” as Calvary ordained it……

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