Tuesday, April 3, 2012


Sunday morning's worship service was one of the most powerful manifestations of God's presence overflowing and connecting the congregation that I have witnessed for quite some time. The Body became one in Him, tears and tongues tying us together, the music merely a catalyst, lyrics through which the heart surrendered itself unto the Spirit of He who abides within. Were we so overtly an "organism" and not an "institution" when the sermon came forth afterwards? Probably not; but we were focused. Ears heard and minds received as the Holy Ghost spoke through the pastor on the Church being not so much an "ecclesia", a people separated and set apart from the world, but a "kuriakon", a tabernacle of the Lord, a vessel through which He, Himself, moves in an attempt to rescue "the rest of the family". Such effort is accomplished "not by power, not by might", not through some arrogant declaration we make of possessing truth. Truth, rather, is a Reality that speaks for itself, a resurrection confirmed, a salvation beyond denominational credos. So I believe. So I have found it to be. "Life" is more than sucking air through your lungs......


  1. I thought briefly of you in my church Sunday morning when I so strongly felt that "tug" you often speak of. (We had a guest speaker/singer who has a gift of praying for people. When he came last, I was heading the next week into colon cancer surgery and a month later, my son was gone. The speaker's prayer and words that day for me, before those two events, brought reassurance and a clear message that God knew the path I was going to have to walk and that he cared very much. I was reminded Sunday of how grateful I am for that "tug", that connection line to the Father.)

  2. I just abandoned a post, Annie, wherein I was tryng to relate how, in spite of my believing we all, as believers, need to grow in our explanation of our faith, it is yet that which is "un-explainable", the ways He proves Himself real in our life, that holds us to Him. Thanks for sharing here with me. You are part of my own experience, a witness in the wilderness...jim

  3. I see you came back to the post you abandoned, Jim. I'm glad you did!