Friday, July 27, 2012

"A Different Drum.................."

These last few weeks before school starts are always broken by classes scheduled here and there, the system with twenty-four hours of training, yearly, built into my paycheck and it being easier for me to amass them now rather than later. Nonetheless, with this past Tuesday morning taken from me, all of this coming Monday likewise lost, and three days the following first week of August marked for such purpose, the feeling of it being summer “vacation” disappears. Not that I’m complaining. In truth, there’s a part of me anxious to be working with the kids again. It isn’t as if anything exciting is always happening around here. Always, at least two or three books keep me entertained, a “Words With Friends” scrabble game on Face Book give me challenge, and a folded blank piece of paper is carried in my pocket just in case my scrambled thoughts need to be recorded for future consideration. Swimming with the granddaughter and the youngest grandson is an occasional pastime. Daily dates with Beth, going for ice cream at Graeter’s or just shopping at the Mall, are counted by this old man as “fun”. A three mile exercise walk in the park, taken when opportunity allows, keeps me “tuned-up” in more ways than one. It isn’t hard for me at all to enjoy life at seventy, not constantly needing multiple diversions and something “new” to keep from being bored, my source of “oxygen” coming from an inner well not of this world. Indeed, Nova’s quantum mechanics and string theology videos have me wondering if those microscopic wiggly sound waves that exist at the heart of everything there is, in fact aren’t simply fine-tuned by the voice of God, part of that connection that comes to us through the Holy Ghost! I wrote a song once about a melody deep inside that just goes “Jesus”. Maybe my choice of metaphors in an attempt to describe what being “born-again” is all about wasn’t all that bad…….

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