Saturday, July 14, 2012


Beth and I had discussed another possible mini-vacation getaway before school starts again, but with opportunity given us in the sister-in-law situation, we decided to drive down to the Youth Camp in Barbourville and watch the granddaughter Thursday evening participate with others in a drama presentation. Actually, we booked a room at the Hampton and visited Williamsburg on Friday. It’s just a few miles down the road, an area that she knew in childhood and still home to the gravesite of her younger sister. Leaving the expressway, we found ourselves following a single lane “path” that literally snaked its way up one side of a mountain. Surely it rose at least a thousand feet in no more than a half mile! Once we conquered such ascent, however, suddenly my wife was once again in familiar territory, the small old-time holiness church of her memory yet there, but with a larger one now existing beside it. What’s more: we would discover that our precipitous climb to get there was merely “the back door”, the route before us recently black-topped and leading us in a slow descent to within fifty feet or so of our original point of entry!... I wonder sometimes. About eighty years ago, Beth’s mother came to Christ in a little home prayer meeting up in that area. When they moved north, the family joined a small group of believers that went from a tent to a chicken coop to a barn and, eventually, to the large sanctuary that now seats over a thousand. If they could see the present facility, it would amaze them; but what would they think of all the changes that have occurred along the way? I stepped into this finding a Reality having stepped into me. Forty years later, having come full circle, I intend to step “through” even as I stepped in. The journey has only convinced me all the more that everything begins and ends in Him……

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