Monday, July 16, 2012

"Knock Knock......................"

I awoke Sunday morning with a mental block. After talking to the kids at the Detention Center last week on the truth of all of us holding our own individual definition of God, each of us envisioning Him in accordance with whatever history has come to us in our journey thus far, and the real “proof in the pudding” an internal connection acquired for us through Christ, my intention this time out was to take the same message a bit farther. It was another fellow’s group on this occasion. I expected no more than a brief “slice of the pie” and had no more than a few thoughts about the walls we build around us in our life; but, even so, there was no tangible flow, no sense of His presence in it with me and I knelt to talk it over again with Him. No audible voice met me. No great immersion into His well. Picking up my Bible, however, with a sudden pull to Psalm 51, I began to read; and, when I got to verse five, it all came together. After a statement as to our having been born in iniquity, the writer proclaims “Behold, Thou desirest truth in the inward parts; and in the hidden part Thou shalt make me to know wisdom.” Peace came to me. It was time to go. As it turned out, though, there would be but four of us to speak and, rather than my simply adding a bit at the end of the hour, the initial slot was assigned to me. The others were dry, they said, and in need of a spark. For twenty minutes the Holy Ghost fed those youth, visibly reaching through the veil and touching their hearts, establishing grace and giving hope beyond their present circumstances, not a matter of me being anointed, but a tangible manifestation that captured such space, embracing all, remaining throughout as those with me also shared. Before we left, one boy in particular asked for prayer and that led to a communal holding of hands as we thanked Him for the experience. It’s amazing what can happen if we are but willing to receive…..

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