Saturday, July 7, 2012


Still spending most nights with Beth at the home of the sister-in-law battling blindness, I drove to a nearby McDonald’s early this morning to retrieve a couple of senior coffees. On the return trip, turning onto a single lane country road that weaves its way alongside a small creek, I found myself suddenly face-to-face with a young fawn, surely no more than a day or two old; and even though my car came to a halt, it just stood there a few seconds, frozen before me, then turned and scampered into the shrubbery. A rare moment. Not more than a half mile farther, however, nature was once again caught off guard as I turned a curve to find six plump chickens scattered here and there across the pavement. The hen party came to an abrupt end, feathers ruffled, wings beating, and loud squawks informing the world of their having been so rudely interrupted. Nobody hurt or transferred to the dining room table, however. Life as it comes to you, I suppose, on both sides of the scenario. We’re an odd bunch down here on this huge blue ball in the middle of nowhere. Our paths intersect and sometimes there is magic, sometimes there is panic. Nonetheless, regardless of all the ways we are separated. By culture and climate, by history and hardheadedness, (It doesn’t take much!), yet surely we are tied together somehow, linked by an invisible umbilical cord that should suggest there is more to be gained through peaceful negotiation than that which comes to us through “making war”. There will never be a time, of course, when all will agree on everything; but hopefully we can learn along the way, that in spite of occasional whirlwinds, each day also holds the possibility of knowing grace in the journey…..


  1. We saw a wild turkey cross the road and run into the woods on our way to the country the other day! My husband slowed down to verify it was a turkey and I had my camera but it disappeared into the woods too quickly for me to even THINK of getting the camera out!

    1. Annie, I was thinking of you even as I saw that deer this morning, saying to myself "If this was Annie, she'd be getting a picture of this in one way or another."

  2. Always good to read you, amigo. You always make me chuckle.

    As I was telling Hope on her blog, I can't seem to put two words together these days but I do continue to read and think of you and yours especially when I listen to the weather report these days. Hope you have air conditioning.


  3. Mich! A bolt out of the blue! I noticed your name in the comments over at Hope's (if I remember correctly), but did not find anything new at your own site in checking there a couple of times. If nothing happens, I start my eleventh years in August, getting switched back to the other room again, or so it looks. Nothing official yet. Hopefully, all's well on your end....jim