Wednesday, July 18, 2012


It’s dangerous, I suppose, to turn me loose in the park for an hour. With merely the next step before me and almost nothing to interrupt my thoughts, my mind is free to explore anything and everything with Him. Early this morning, before the sun had even conquered the hills to the east, my feet touched the path leading to the soccer field and a musical verse of worship poured forth from somewhere within. It didn’t last long, just a chorus entertained the night before, lyrics not yet fully conquered, but correct words not required; and, by the time I crossed the small wooden bridge giving entrance to the oblong oval course about to be orbited, mental activity otherwise was already underway. We return to the rescue mission this evening. Light a fire and stir the pot. Smell the aroma and let the Spirit put a little freshness into the soup as questions begin to bubble up within my brain. Are we, in effect, breaking the Second Commandment when we carve out an image of God formed from our own thinking, be it Biblically based or not? Or can it be that the error is in bowing down before it, believing we have somehow captured Him in all that He is? In front of me I become aware of two women who are walking their dogs and leaving no space for anyone to pass other than side-stepping into the grass. Do they think they’re the only ones out here? No big deal. We all, at one time or another, think ourselves the only one out here. It would be a better world, surely, if we all learned it isn’t necessary for everyone to see things as I do. In the end, who is it that won’t stand in judgment; and grace, it seems to me, is to be given there in as equal amount as we gave it here. And so it goes. Sermons are not my thing. Doctrinal three point messages aren’t in me. He is; and sharing Him with whomsoever is as good as it gets. Set the table and let Him serve as He sees fit. Breaking bread is what it’s all about……