Wednesday, September 5, 2012


Between yesterday and today, I’ve put several hours into the making of a “Genesis Genealogy Chart” that shows the length of life enjoyed by Adam and his next twenty descendants. Marking that initial point of the first man being created as “Year Zero” and then graphing each fellow’s birth and death thereafter, the final product yields several points of interest. It becomes quite evident, for example, to see that Noah was first human being who could no longer converse with his great, great, great, great, great, great, great grandfather, his existence not starting until over a century after Adam’s passing. I also think it neat to actually visualize the sudden change in longevity after the flood, an immediate drop of more than three hundred years coming to Shem, then a gradual reduction until, by the time Abraham comes along, it’s just one-fourth of what those initial ten branches of the family tree knew. Three or four times, with the project nearly complete, an error would catch my attention and it was necessary to start all over from scratch and some might wonder why the old man would devote such labor to information that in no way affects our salvation. In truth, if no one else in our “Through the Bible Class” that begins tomorrow night finds any attraction to it, the picture speaks to me. It’s but one of many things within Scripture that bear witness with a salvation that just makes sense, a faith proven, not just by that inner connection with the Holy Ghost, but also by a written Word that brings to me again and again a sure foundation for the journey......

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