Friday, September 7, 2012

"Radial Waves............................."

Last night, when I went to bed, it looked like my youngest daughter and her husband would have to take their three children out of the church school. It worried me how my grandchildren would receive the news, but I do realize the financial strain it has been on their parents. This whole past year, for that matter, has challenged them in one way or another. It was late, though, when it all came to me. My brain was numb and trying to connect with God about the matter seemed in vain, my words not much more than mumbled in an attempt to express my concern. Melissa’s faith has seemed to be on a continual emotional rollercoaster through everything and my worry over that was just another heavy weight needed to be laid at His feet. Sleep did finally overtake me, though, and morning brought a brand new day. There are those, no doubt, who would criticize me in what I say here; but one of the best “closets” this old man has ever utilized and therein found success in catching the hem of His garment is my automobile. Admittedly, it is no place to experience full immersion into the Holy Ghost. Thus far, however, the Almighty has shown great wisdom in not allowing that to happen while I’m negotiating rush hour traffic on the expressway. Nonetheless, it remains that, within such space, the two of us are, indeed, in “our own little world” and there is no problem with my mind navigating the road around me and, at the same time, fusing itself into two-way communication with Him. Tears get in my eyes and run down my face. Sometimes tongues is a given, an “in-and-out” effortless occurrence that just happens along the way. Today it didn’t get quite that deep and the whole conversation probably lasted about ten minutes or less; but when the car and I returned home this afternoon, my wife informed me that the situation had been solved. Was it due to my having broken through the wall? My brief “stop at the oasis” is nothing to brag about. In truth, what it did, if nothing else, was to give me peace in going about business as usual, knowing it was all deposited in His account, His grace and wisdom a dependable place of rest no matter what the future held……

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