Thursday, September 20, 2012


Feeling like Dave giving opportunity for the men, themselves, to testify the last time we were at the mission was God ordained, tonight I opened up with an “a cappella” go at “Tis So Sweet to Trust in Jesus” and then repeated the invitation. Only two or three responded, but their words did seem to “set the stage” for what the others in our group shared. Dave went to Isaiah 53 to speak of “by His stripes we are healed”, emphasizing the truth that, indeed, more than physical sickness falls within the scope of that statement. Mark then brought forth two more old hymns on his sax, the melody flowing over us like honey from above; and Tony, in utilizing stories and events out of his own life, reinforced the initial theme. Being “saved” doesn’t mean we automatically lose our humanity. It still remains a journey wherein we need the reality of what He really bought for us through the Cross…. That left me with less than ten minutes; but, in truth, it was just about tailor-made for the thought on my heart. I spoke of three friends currently facing tragic events, the truth of all of us, however, knowing “darkness” within in some form or fashion, this world a mystery through which we pass and Christ an inner “reconnection” with our Father. “Faith” isn’t a “long-distance” relationship, but a door mentioned in Revelations, one said to be “open” and yet, at the same time, one where Jesus stands and knocks. To understand such contradiction, we only have to turn to John’s Gospel where are told that He IS “the door”, a divine portal whereby we might initiate our salvation, a passageway to which we are to return on a regular basis, going “in and out”, the Shepherd’s sheep finding pasture therein. Closing in prayer was a communal flow, all of us one in Him…..

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