Friday, September 14, 2012

"Guardian Angels............"

There is no traffic signal at either end of the mile and a half stretch of the old highway where we live, this little section lost by the county, nobody important enough back here to warrant spending the money. Rush hour, on both ends of the day, is usually crammed with bumper-to-bumper automobiles going sixty mph and there’s no safe escape available. You’re almost better off if the flow clogs up. At least then people find it no big deal to make a hole for the guy with nowhere to go. This morning was one of those “miracles”, however, just a couple of vehicles on the road. Indeed, when that happens, it tends to make one wonder if you perhaps looked at your watch wrong or somehow got confused and it’s really the weekend. On this occasion, though, it got even freakier. My usual route that I drive to school is punctuated by no less than nine lights, the whole question of how long it takes me to traverse such commute depending a lot upon the number of those that force me to stop along the way. Today, though, it was as if the heavens opened and Moses waved his staff over northern Kentucky to part the Red Sea before me! I don’t think that has ever happened before in eleven years of travelling to and from this job. Did God really clear me a path through the wilderness? Probably not; but I do admit to living each day with an awareness of His presence and can look back to at least three times in early years where this old man shouldn’t have made it past his teens. Yet, what does one do with those four or five minor accidents that did occur? What about the fall from the hay-wagon that nearly killed my youngest daughter? The “bad stuff”? For me, it all comes down to: things happen; and as they do, He is in the middle of it all with me, my manna from heaven, my peace when storms begin to blow……..

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