Tuesday, September 25, 2012


Faith being a matter of individual perspective, and the latter being a product of humanity such as it is, it occurred to me, after yesterday’s post, that perhaps it might be helpful to examine my own bit of definition concerning “sin”. Lord knows: everyone is welcome to their own view; or at least my Bible seems to point to that being the case. God has thus far opted to allow us freedom in choosing each step that we take and asks only that we invited Him along for the journey. Of course, while I find the Book a personal manual, part of the package that comes to us in this, others quite often tend to in terms of a denominational score-card, salvation possible only if one lines up with their list of requirements taken from their understanding of the text. For me, though, while fellowship certainly plays a part in this, from the beginning it was never about joining a club. In that sense, then, what separates me from God is not “what I do”, but “what I am”. What? Has this old man recently robbed a bank, committed adultery, or killed someone? Let’s just tell it like it is: in eighteen more days I turn seventy-one and arguing with anybody is just wasted energy. My finances aren’t anything to boast about; but we always seem to have enough to spoil the grandkids and take a small vacation. I love my wife! I really do! Nonetheless, Christ “in” me in no way eliminated “me”. My humanity is still here and every day is a walk down the straight path wherein it’s possible for me to think myself now “sanctified and set free from me” or to realize my continual need of His tug on the anchor-line. The felony is the same on either side of the Cross. Jesus purchased for all men everywhere a top of the line “Salvation Cadillac”. It comes with an awesome warranty and beats everything else on the road. While many refuse the offer, what seems just as sad is the number of those who drive it with no invitation for the Creator to join them in the journey, seeking Him only when misfortune meets them along the way. Some people, sadly, seem to think bumper stickers and a “handicapped” permit to hang on the rear-view mirror sufficiently “seals the deal”………

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