Friday, September 21, 2012


I am firmly convinced that this election in November is going to be a crucial one, the future of this nation being weighed in the balance. While it certainly can be conceded that previous occupants of the White House may well hold some of the responsibility for this mess we are facing, it is beyond me how anyone can look at the last four years and think the current President is worthy of another term. Say what you want; but more and more what we are watching across the northern continent of Africa is the birthing of a huge United Muslim entity that will merge with its Mid-East brethren and, should they decide to attack America en-masse, we won’t have the money or the military to do much about it. Is Obama blind to such possibility? Surely he isn’t mentally motivated to see it happen? After seeing him and administration blatantly lie time and time again with no remorse, no repentance, having noted how he gives the Constitution no respect and ignores all the rules with a claim of having “executive privilege”, and being in awe of “change” amounting to a complete lack of ethics in accomplishing whatsoever, though, I’ve come to believe: if we don’t take this country back in November, my children and grandchildren’s future is in great danger. Hasn’t Washington politics always been amoral and each party seemingly more concerned about battling each other than working together for the good of the people, full of graft and self-interest? Only the system as originally structured has held us together, checks and balances along with God’s patience seeing us come this far. Under this man, it all has been thrown out the window while he kisses the feet of those who would do us harm. Only my faith in His divine hand gives me peace in the matter, my heart believing that, whatever happens, we can trust in Him……

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