Saturday, September 8, 2012

"Through the Veil................."

”We can only understand what we perceive in its totality.”

It’s Saturday morning here, the world outside my door looking soaked from the thunder storm that blew through the neighborhood last night. Unless the sun emerges later, an exercise walk around the soccer field will probably have to be put on hold until tomorrow. Beth got out of bed about half an hour ago, stepped into the living room to comment on the weather, and then retreated once again to the comfort of her covers. My mind, though, has been occupied since almost dawn, fifteen chapters in Exodus conquered and such pace putting me a week ahead of what the new class requires. According to our teacher, we are to simply read, not study as we go, our goal being merely to traverse the volume in the space allotted. Questions and answers in the form of discussion will occur as we come together each Wednesday; and, if it continues as it did during our first meeting, it should be interesting. People offered their own definitions for what the Bible means to them, several of them, as far as I’m concerned, needing a bit more clarification. When a man wants to call it “his” sword, for example, he might want to read the Book again, for Paul plainly named it as belonging to the Spirit. Minor detail, I suppose; and I know that we grow as we go; but it’s easy in this to get side-tracked by simple un-truths that men pull out of the Bible… We stumble in a lot of ways, our vision not always 20/20. It is now late in the evening. Beth is watching television in the other room with our granddaughter and I’m finishing this post after having been to that new Dinesh D’Souza movie “2016” early this afternoon. It simply offered an opinion as to the mindset of this President and what might happen if he gets reelected, a scenario long pondered by this old man; and God help us if does come to pass……

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