Friday, October 14, 2011


In as much as “humanity remains humanity” and “people are people”, it should also be made clear that each of us are individuals, each with our own story, our own perception of life as we have found it to be. Like snowflakes, there are not two of us exactly the same in all that we are. When we bring the Holy Bible into that picture, then, while the seed may have been planted within us, if we do not remember that the Creator, Himself, is greater than the Book, greater than any image of Him we have formed for ourselves out of chapter and verse, what is it that we think we possess? Philip Yancey, in looking at the Old Testament, speaks of Moses as rediscovering a fundamental fact about Yahweh seemingly forgotten during the four hundred years of silence: God is a “person”, divinity, to be sure, but reduced by the Jewish nation, as a whole, to a distant, unapproachable, ineffable mystery who showed little concern over what was transpiring here on earth. In reading such claim, however, I look around and wonder if we, the Church, aren’t guilty of replicating the error, either in dismissing the Holy Ghost to a role of anonymity, or else seeing Him as no more than an authority we, ourselves, govern. We embrace the Cross and glory in the Resurrection; we define terms like “faith” and “grace” while offering religious tenets for which we often have no explanation; but fail much too often in a manifested witness of that One said to be alive within us. The Gospel is more than a message. Truth confirms itself……

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