Monday, October 3, 2011


There was only one girl being held within the confinement of the Detention Center yesterday morning and she opted not to attend our worship service for whatever reason. Four rows of young men, however, filled the room, ten or more having been inducted just this past week. One of the guards had pulled me aside as we entered and, without identifying anybody in particular, made it known to me that a number of them were charged with murder. Nice to learn after you’ve already walked through four security doors that swung locked behind you. Her revelation, though, but confirmed the words on my heart to share with them. Mark, my son-in-law with the saxophone, had not been able to go on this occasion, reducing the group to but five of us, more importantly reducing any musical potential we had to a couple songs shared “a capella”, yet the boys, it seemed, were still “one with us” from our time with them last Sunday. One or two, here and there, no doubt had other things on their mind, their feet and their eyes showing you their presence only a matter of being able to escape their cell for a few moments. Nonetheless, the majority, via the same manner of detection, signaled their hunger to receive. That same guard, in fact, would follow us back to the lobby at the main entrance afterwards, speaking to us of two churches who recently just didn’t bother to show up for their slot in the schedule and of some who make these visits merely a “finger-in-your-face” sermon on “going-to-hell-if you-don’t-change-your-ways”. It felt good to hear her say that the kids are always excited to see our group there, discussing for the rest of the day that which we bring to them… You soak it in prayer, sow it in love, and trust the Holy Ghost in the whole affair. He stays long after we are gone. So I believe…..

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