Monday, October 24, 2011


At three o’clock each day our room is down to five children with just the teacher and I to take them to their buses. That may not sound like a major operation, but considering four of the kids are prone to temper issues and apt to run if not hand-held, it’s not just a “walk in the park”. My paycheck obligations officially end at three-thirty. If it should happen, however, that their transportation home is late for any reason, there is no alternate plan. I’m just stuck baby-sitting for the duration. Over-time isn’t in the contract. Usually we’re talking no more than five or ten minutes on a daily basis, but “things happen” and this afternoon it was close to four-fifteen before I finally pulled out of the parking lot. Quarter to five before arriving at the house. Dinner at Frisch’s; picked up a few items from Kroger’s; and at quarter past six I was carrying the groceries through the front door. A hot bath, the Wheel and then Jeopardy; but, sorry, Chaz performing the tango on Dancing With the Stars fails to interest me in any way whatsoever. Give me a good book, some pause to think about it all, a good connection with Him. Another hour or so and it’s bedtime anyhow. Life, if one is not careful, is merely a dull, repetitious event, a journey wherein the present is always unbelievable in just how quickly it got here, the length thus far deemed considerable only in retrospect. Nonetheless, most days are just days unless He breathes into them…...

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