Thursday, October 6, 2011


Wednesday evening’s Bible study knew only about twelve of us in attendance. The pastor has begun scheduling special guest speakers to preach the sanctuary service for the next couple of months and some of our regulars evidently opted to seek their mid-week portion in that arena. Given such choice, anymore at least, this old man, will almost always head for the classroom and I suppose that vanity plays a part in such decision. In that arena, discussion takes place and people are invited to share; and, while I can well appreciate the truth that God can move in the midst of the masse as well as two or three, can feed my soul through a sermon or someone else’s testimony, yet, there it seems, with less of us we are more able to explore the depths of the journey, the nooks and crannies of what we believe. Humanity, of course, remains humanity in both scenarios. People are people, whether individually examining each other’s perspectives on chapter and verse or gathered together collectively in worship. In the one, however, there is freedom to disagree and to learn from one another; in the other, opinions are not encouraged, the moment more about finding His presence in the middle of whatever’s happening; and, in today’s Pentecost, sometimes that’s hard for me to do……

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