Saturday, October 15, 2011


Fall Break this year turned into nothing more than a four-day weekend. I’ll take it, though. Long, short, getaways of any kind, nowadays, have been pretty much reduced to zilch; so even a mini-vacation in the sense of “no school till Tuesday” is appreciated. Not that working with the kids is getting old. Just that the old man learned somewhere back there that the moment is what you have. Breathe it in and enjoy it. Let me note, however, that it’s Saturday morning here, my rising from slumber not occurring on this occasion until nine a.m. since I was up last night for nearly two hours. My usual habit of taking one Tylenol P.M. tablet before bedtime had been neglected and about three my eyes opened with much of Richard Rohr’s “Everything Belongs” entertaining my brain. This was my second perusal of the book and I yet find him guilty of failing to provide the Holy Spirit with an identity. I disagree with him when he seemingly sidesteps hell and would love to sit down with him in a discussion about a few other things; but yet find his overall views reflective of my own, a cup of water to a thirsty man stumbling through this present evangelical wilderness. When he expresses the idea that “What is, is okay. What is, is the great teacher”, it may well need more explanation, but meets me right now at this point in my own journey……

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