Monday, October 10, 2011


This morning was one of those when my enthusiasm for “another day at school” was a bit low. Driving the expressway, I noted that the sky overhead was almost completely covered with thin grayish-white clouds, so high and so wispy that one could detect the blue beyond. Maybe, just maybe, the sun would eventually break through. More on my mind, though, in taking it all in, was an awareness of my insignificance in lieu of it all. This Thursday I will turn seventy and it could be that such milestone is what really had my mood; but, if so, it’s certainly buried in my subconscious somewhere. More likely merely the disappointment of a Sunday evening worship service where a move of the Holy Ghost deteriorated much too quickly into something else. Whatever. Stepping out of my car in the parking lot, heading for the cafeteria to refill my McDonald’s coffee cup, I began to hum a tune. The classroom awaited me and “Let a great big bowl of Kellogg’s cornflakes start you on your way!”… In telling a friend recently that “life is good even when it isn’t”, there was no intent to share an oxymoron, nor any wish to downplay the truth that sometimes what comes to us in our years of existence can often be seemingly more than we can bear. Rather, what I was trying to express is that which I found in Christ nearly four decades ago: an anchorage that holds me no matter how strong the wind blows, a peace stronger than any fear the enemy brings against me, an assurance of His presence with me in the next step, and the knowledge that He holds it all, big and small, in His hands. I wrote some lyrics long ago that, in one place went like this: “You can tell me that I’m crazy, gone bananas; You can say I’ve popped my cork and flipped my lid; All I know is that I gave my heart to Jesus; And I’ve been singing ever since the day I did!” Yep; well, it works for me……

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