Monday, October 24, 2011


It’s early Monday morning here. I’ve been fighting “a bit of the bug” the last couple of days, fever and chills that make me think it might be some mild form of flu, nothing so serious in its coming and going that aspirin and Ny-Quil hasn’t been able to handle it thus far. Time has passed with my re-examining some Brian McLaren books, he, a well-known leader within what was once known as the “Emerging Church” about a decade ago. From my perspective, the movement seemed to see the ecclesiastical institution, as a whole, dying in all of its traditions, dull in its dogmas, and distant from that which Christ had originally meant to become “the light of the world”. My wording is probably somewhat harsher than what any of them utilized in explaining their departure from the status quo. In giving his own definition of “orthodoxy”, the author denied a “what we think as opposed to what they think” equation thereof, offering, instead, “what God knows, some of which we believe a little, some of which they believe a little, and about which we all have a lot to learn” and then adding that it’s “how we search for a kind of truth you can never fully get into your head, so you seek to get your head (and your heart) into it!” … If the group is yet “up and out there”, it has drifted beyond my radar, operating within its individual slice of the pie. I’ve often wondered if these new, more-modern-version-of-worship amphitheaters weren’t, indeed, birthed out of much of their thinking, so much of what they opined, as far as I’m concerned, worthy of a man’s consideration. Sadly, however, they also appeared to me nothing more than a regenerated clone of that which they hoped to escape, just another religious denomination in the making, good hearts with little understanding that direction has to be determined by the reality of His resurrection rather than our good intent. He, alone, is “the Way, the Truth, and the Life”, a divine, tangible, manifestation given unto us, but always “through the veil” in a stumble as we go……

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