Wednesday, October 5, 2011


I’m re-reading, at the moment, a book by Richard Rohr, the title of which expresses its theme: “Everything Belongs”. The theology within might suggest to some of his being a Universalist, his subject matter pointing to the idea of God existing in all things; but he’s actually a Roman Catholic Franciscan Friar. Personally, I’m not averse to examining either side of that coin. One just has to remember who it is that’s talking to you; and that holds true, in my opinion, even if the author should happen to be Pentecostal. You can miss an awfully lot of good food if the only thing you’ll touch is your own cooking. It might be wise, though, if the chef is Mexican, to give some consideration that the dish is quite apt to be spicy. Religious literature shouldn’t simply be swallowed without chewing. You take it with a grain of salt and sort it out with the Holy Ghost as you go… About a year ago Beth and I followed my grandson’s basketball team, along with a few other carloads of passionate supporters, to a high-school in Ohio, off the beaten track on the north west of Cincinnati. The lead van was utilizing one of those GPS units and when we left the expressway there was little doubt in its ability to get us there. As we continued to wind across a backwoods terrain taking us uphill and down, through three or four little Mayberry burgs that, in the darkness, seemed to possess no more than a handful of houses. The technology, in truth, did finally get us there; but, in leaving, one of the locals directed us a couple of blocks north where the expressway led us home a whole lot quicker than the wilderness road by which we came… Just saying: Most everything (and everybody) has a flaw in it somewhere; and the journey is as good a teacher as I know……

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