Saturday, October 29, 2011


For at least the last twelve years I’ve listened to Beth and her younger sister debate politics, this latest season of “Occupy Wall Street” protests just more fuel for the fire. One loudly reveals her disgust for the Tea Party’s “gun-waving religious fanatics”; the other points to the nationwide arrests of the current dissenters, their behavior anything but “peaceful”. Me? I’m more inclined to factor in, on both sides of the coin, the truth that it’s easy enough, nowadays, to find a news media eager to feed whatever bias you hold on such issues, the focus being on all the negatives. It has been said that the two newly formed forces are mirror images, the conservative radicals seeking less governmental control on a man’s right to make his own fortune and less government “give-away” of money extracted from him in taxes, the common masse seeing “big money” as their enemy and demanding more “freebies” to be supplied by an even bigger national penalty increase on those who have succeeded in acquiring wealth. Who wins that war? I really have no idea. Our Constitution is an amazing legislative contract between the states, created more than two centuries ago, but possessing the same flaw found within the pages of the Holy Bible. It is subject to humanity’s interpretation thereof; and that integral piece of the puzzle tends to blur the whole picture. To me, the real crisis in this country is not one of social status, but one due to our ever increasing loss of His resurrection in our lives; and I find that to be the fault of a Church that long go reduced “truth” to no more than doctrinal dogma…..

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