Friday, July 29, 2011


After ten days of wondering whether a broken front tooth would mean this old man would finally have to surrender to oral surgery and a set of false choppers, the dentist, yesterday morning, offered me the solution that not only takes care of the present problem, but also eliminates another void known for years in the space beside it. What’s more: financially, the cost is within my ability to meet! Truly, if this nearly four-decade walk with Christ has taught me anything, it’s that, beyond our natural tendency to worry about some things, there is also a peace we can possess, a knowledge that our life, in all ways, is held in His hands... Last night, sitting on the pool deck and relaxing after an early evening paddle over to the inflow’s soothing neck massage, I picked up my Bible and began again in the Book of Genesis, not so much reading as simply scanning those verses previously digested so many times. Two, in particular, caught my attention, causing me to ponder: (a) If, indeed, “every moving thing that liveth” was given unto Noah to eat, why did that change with the Law under Moses? (b) If the distinction of being a Jew began with Abraham, why would such a term as “the isles of the Gentiles” be utilized here in this passage separating Noah’s descendants from others?... For me, even if the Holy Book is, as many claim, infallible and without error, that in no way dismisses the truth of there being, within it, questions yet to be answered, mysteries to be explained, and points where, denominationally minded, we find ourselves divided in our individual interpretations. My own experience has been that assurance is not a matter of my faith in the Scripture, but in a “connection” encountered here and there, in a prayer closet, on a walk through the park, in a back yard staring up at a universe full of stars. To each their own stumble down the path, their own journey…..

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