Friday, July 15, 2011


Thursday was a last minute decision for a three-hour road trip down to Barbourville Pentecostal Youth Camp, the evening service there including the crowning of this year’s “king and queen” To reign over the whole affair and my grandson almost unanimously winning the male portion of that regal event. It’s but a popularity contest, to be sure, but an exciting part of the five days they spend there, his victory one that makes me happy for him, proud to see him so well-liked, not only by his peers, but also by adults who know he lives with a commitment to his faith. All three boys, in fact, have long invested themselves into whatsoever is asked of them by the church. All the more precious to me, though, is seeing, not just them, but their mothers as well, pouring themselves into the altar that was opened after the evening sermon. For nearly an hour, kids prayed with kids, in groups one-on-one, tears flowing, words coming up out of their belly, with “moanings and groaning”, with compassion, grace, and the Holy Ghost, the bond with Him alive and working in their life. Tomorrow, of course, is another day, another page, a few more steps through whatever lies ahead. The moment was just an oasis, a re-filling, an assurance that He is with us through it all…..I just called my oldest daughter and we’re going back down this afternoon for another dip in the pool……..

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